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Tien Thoong

Tien Thoong

Online Specialist

Here’s the thing about Online Specialist Tien Thong, he’s a quiet, hard-working individual with a subtle yet brilliant sense of humor. A member of the Parasec team since 2005, Tien’s daily duties include taking and processing title orders, providing clients with quotes and even getting them coffee—or so he says! Basically, it’s a your-wish-is-his-command type of situation. He is also responsible for handling all online requests for our UCC, operations and registered agent departments, which is no small feat and requires the ability to wear multiple hats.

One of the aspects Tien appreciates most about working for Parasec is that we value individuality. Our employees are more than just workers, they’re family members. Professionalism is a must and so is the freedom to be an individual.

“This is a great company to work for as well as a great company for you to work with,” Tien remarked. “Parasec strives to keep the employees and clients satisfied at the same time. It’s a tenet I appreciate.”

Without a doubt family is the most important part of Tien’s life. He particularly values the quality time he gets to spend with his three daughters. One of his family’s favorite vacation spots is San Diego, partly because of his daughters’ love for Sea World.