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National Sales Manager

Ian Sierchio is a California native, born and raised in Sacramento; and a product of the University of California, Davis. He came to Parasec with over seven years experience in the medical and advertising industries. After his years in the advertising industry, on both the state and national levels, he decided to transition into the legal field as a way of satisfying his insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Parasec and the wide breadth of its covered service areas have not disappointed him. With Parasec’s many departments, covering work in many states, Ian has a never-ending area in which to learn and grow. In addition, spearheading our research and development allows him to uncover new service areas moving forward.

As “the little guy” amongst service companies, Ian often says Parasec has an enviable position–the ability to be flexible, affordable and most of all, personable for our clients, yet large enough with our multi-state presence to deliver top-notch service on a national scale.  

When he isn’t working, Ian can be found playing outside in the sun.

“I grew up in a very bicycle-friendly town and have had just about every kind of bike there is. I love to get out in the sun and just pedal around. When it gets cold, I like to snowboard, and I enjoy crewing on various kinds of sailboats year-round.”

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