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As Operations Manager, Jessica is responsible for overseeing the operations, title and UCC divisions of Parasec. A part of the company since 1999, Jessica has an extensive history with Parasec—giving her the experience and insight necessary to keep things running smoothly. Throughout the years, Jessica has worked within many departments, held a variety of positions and developed many close friendships (both with coworkers and clients alike).

“I love hearing from clients and enjoy the long relationships I’ve had with many,” Jessica remarked. "I work hard to gain trust and confidence among co-workers and clients and personally I think I’m succeeding,” she exclaimed proudly.

In addition to the people she has met, Jessica also values the team work, dedication, loyalty and customer service that we as a company embrace.

“I enjoy the fun working environment we have created,” she explained. “We know how to joke around with each other one minute and get down to business the next. It's been a fun journey throughout the years and I’m glad I've had the friends around me to experience it with,” she continued.

In her free time, Jessica can be found spending quality time with her husband and three children, hitting the trails and biking. Oh, and she also makes sure to participate in the occasional girls’ night out adventure with her friends.

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