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Leticia Burleson-Herrera

Paracorp & Branch Manager

Hands down one of Parasec’s greatest assets comes in the form of the patient, charismatic, and loyal Leticia Burleson-Herrera, who manages our registered agent department, as well as all three branch offices. An attentive and considerate individual, Leticia enjoys building long-lasting relationships with her clients and co-workers—something she’s been able to do since she joined the team in 2004.

With a strong appetite for learning new things, Leticia served as a supervisor in three of our departments—corporate operations, UCC and registered agent services)—before accepting her latest challenge as a manager. Leticia handles any challenge with class, thoughtfulness, and gusto. Now you see why we appreciate her so much.

When asked how she likes to spend her free time, Leticia remarked, “I love going camping and boating with my family and friends as much as possible.”

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