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Michele Calkins



Michele Calkins, an account executive in our Nevada office, brings to the company the vital skills needed for impeccable customer service. She joined the team back in February of 1998, bringing with her a deep respect for integrity, loyalty and strong character.

“I have worked in varying areas of the customer-service industry for over 35 years,” Michele noted. “I always do my best to assist our clients so that they can take pride in assisting theirs.”

While the Nevada office may be one of Parasec’s smaller branch locations, there’s certainly no shortage of work. The office engenders a fast-paced environment, requiring great attention to detail and a strong work ethic—luckily Michele has both.

“Since there are only two of us in the Nevada office, there is rarely a dull moment,” she remarked. “That said, I enjoy the varied client contact and fast-paced days.”

On her days off, Michele enjoys a wide variety of activities, including spending time with friends and family and with Duncan, her faithful canine companion.

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