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Denise Zollner

Support Supervisor

“Parasec is my home away from home,” explained Denise Zollner, our Support Supervisor. “I have developed some wonderful co-worker friendships over the years and continue to keep in contact with many people whom have left.”

Given that Denise has been a member of the team since 1987, it’s not surprising that she considers Parasec her second home. Before landing in her role as Support Supervisor in 2007, Denise worked in many departments including accounting, corporate operations and Paracorp (our registered-agent division). Regardless of the department she was working in, Denise has always brought a high level of professionalism to her position. She knows the importance of great customer service and prides herself on the friendships she’s developed with clients.

“If I could tell our clients one thing, it’d be to keep calling us! We love hearing from and talking to our clients on a daily basis,” she remarked. “We really value the long-lasting relationships we’ve been able to nurture and grow.”

In her free time, Denise spends a lot of time traveling and going on bird-watching adventures with her husband. Denise also enjoys spending quality time with her granddaughter, Lillyanne. “She’s become a very integral part of our lives—in a very good way, of course!” she explained.

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