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April 2011 - June 2011

CA SOS Issues Customer Alert Regarding Online Notarization Services

The California Secretary of State (CA SOS) recently issued an alert regarding a private company claiming to offer online notarization. The company has sent misleading information and made false claims that its new web-based platform allows a person to submit copies of identification using a webcam in lieu of appearing in person.

DE SOS’s Seal Gets a Face Lift

Back in January 2011, the Delaware Secretary of State (DE SOS) revealed its new seal. The old seal was originally created in 1794, during which time there was only one secretary, the Secretary of State.

Colorado: New Payment and Refund Policies

The Colorado Secretary of State (CO SOS) recently made several changes to its new payment and refund policies. The first change affected the check or money order payment policy, which now excludes those drawn from any foreign financial institution.

Colorado: Elimination of Postcard Notifications

Effective January 1, 2012, the Colorado Secretary of State (CO SOS) will be eliminating postcard notifications regarding due dates and news from the business division of the CO SOS.

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