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July 2013 - September 2013

Arkansas: Benefit Corporations

There’s no denying that benefit corporations are on the rise. To-date, legislation has been introduced and/or passed in more than 25 states

Florida: Avoid the Dissolution of Your Entity

Business entities—with the exception of not for profit corporations—that have missed the May 1, 2013 annual report deadline are already subject to a $400 late fee.

Maine: False Liens/Encumbrances Against Public Employees and Public Officials

On May 29, 2013, Governor Paul LePage approved HP 167 (LD 206), which permits civil action by a public employee or public official to recover damages from anyone who knowingly files or attempts to file a lien or encumbrance against them without a legal basis, or with the intent that the false filing be used to harass or hinder their duties.

Minnesota: Annual Business Renewals

The state of Minnesota requires businesses registered with the Secretary of State’s office to file an annual renewal sometime during the calendar year.

Montana: Certain County Recording Fees to Increase

House Bill 465 (HB 465), which went into effect on July 1, 2013, increased some of the user fees charged by county clerks.

Oregon: Unclaimed Property Reporting Seminars

Are you doing business in Oregon? If so, were you aware that all businesses operating in the state are required to report any unclaimed property they possess, provided they are unable to contact the rightful owner of the property?

Pennsylvania: Corporate Scam

The Pennsylvania Department of State recently issued a consumer alert regarding misleading solicitations targeting businesses operating within the state.

Washington: HB 1115 Amends Previously Passed RA9 Amendment

Back in late 2011, Washington state passed House Bill 1491, which, among other things, selected alternative B (the “safe harbor” option) as the means to determine the “correct” debtor name for individuals in regard to UCCs.

Various States: Upcoming SOS Holiday Closures

Listed below are the holiday-related state government closures scheduled for July, August and September. This information may change without our knowledge, so please be sure to check with your state office for additional closures/updates that may not be included

Vermont: Increases in Secretary of State Filing Fees

Effective July 1, 2013, consumers will see an increase in various state filing fees associated with work processed by the Secretary of State’s corporations division

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