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October 2015 - December 2015

Alabama: Compliance Certificate Substituted for Good Standing Certificate

Effective October 1, Senate Bill 243 replaced the Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Department of Revenue with the Certificate of Compliance, which verifies that a business is up-to-date on all applicable state taxes.

Delaware: New Computer System Implemented

The Delaware Division of Corporations recently revamped its online system, which had previously been in use since 1989.

Nevada: Provisions Relating to Business Associations

On October 1, Senate Bill 39 went into effect revising various provisions relating to the state business license and authorizing certain business entities to dissolve or surrender their right to transact business without paying certain fees and penalties under certain circumstance.

Ohio: Corporate Filing Fee Reduced

Effective September 26, House Bill 3 reduces state fees for business entity formations from $125 to $99.

Various States: Annual Report Due Dates

The states listed below have annual reports due in the coming months. Don't miss a deadline or you may be subject to hefty penalties and reinstatement fees.

Various States: Upcoming Holiday Closures

Listed below are the state government closures scheduled for October, November and December.

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