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July 2010 - September 2010

State Bar of California Issues Internet Scam Warning

In the May edition of the California Bar Journal, the official publication of the State Bar of California, there is a warning regarding the latest internet scam targeting attorneys across the nation.

Expedited Filings for Statement of Information

Due to changes at the California Secretary of State, routine Statement of Information (SOI) filings are currently taking nearly two months to process. The state continues to work unpaid overtime in an attempt to catch up, but we don’t foresee this processing time improving anytime soon.

Where’s the Beef? Parasec Attends the MeatEater’s Ball

On May 13, 2010, Ian Sierchio and Ken Thubei, two members of Parasec’s sales team, selflessly volunteered to spend an evening eating meat for a good cause.

New SOI Reminder Postcards

All businesses required to file a Statement of Information (SOI) with the California Secretary of State are mailed a filing reminder notice approximately 90 days prior to the filing due date. These notices have recently undergone some changes and we wanted to keep you in-the-know as to what to expect.

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