Real Property Services

Parasec offers a variety of commercial and residential title support and real estate-related services aimed at helping a diverse range of businesses, including title companies, developers, lenders, asset managers, pension advisors, real-estate attorneys, investors and banks.

Some of the reports, searches and other services we currently offer are:

  • Current Owner Search: Shows current ownership, voluntary or involuntary liens, status of property tax, assessed value and land value. A copy of the most recent deed is included. Two owner searches are also available for an additional cost. 
  • Deed Search: Obtains the last deed of record and any previously recorded instruments needed to show 100% vesting.
  • Mechanics Lien Search: Provides information or copies of all open or outstanding mechanics liens.
  • Mortgage & Assignment Search: Reveals any open mortgages or deeds of trust, and assignments.
  • Recorded Document Retrieval: Provides information on and/or copies of specifically requested deeds of trust, mortgages, assignments, reconveyances, modifications, tax liens or fixture filings.
  • Recording Services: Includes filing of the original document. The majority of documents are physically walked in and dropped off at the county recorder’s office.  Missing recording information can be researched for an additional cost.
  • Fixture Filing Searches & Recordings: Parasec can record or search for fixture filings either as a UCC or part of a mortgage recording.