County Recording Services

With more than 3,800 parishes, counties or independent cities in the United States, it can be challenging to find someone trustworthy to hand deliver your document to many of these locations. At Parasec, we’ve spent years identifying reliable agents who can assist us with a variety of recordings. Since 1977, we’ve worked hard to develop a network of dependable agents throughout the nation—assuring your documents will be delivered even to the most remote locations.

The relationships we’ve fostered, along with our expertise in recording documents at County Recorders’ offices across the nation, can help simplify what is often a taxing experience. Our network of seasoned professionals will deliver your documents in person, ensuring they receive top priority from the county. Utilizing our services can save you valuable time and help alleviate the frustrations associated with recording a document via U.S. Mail or an overnight courier, which can result in lengthy delays.

After we receive your original documents, we will have your documents promptly hand delivered to the recorder’s office in question—no matter where it is located in the United States. We can assist with any type of document that needs to be recorded at the county level, including:

  • Deeds of Trust
  • Deeds
  • Reconveyances
  • Assignments
  • Liens
  • Fixture Filings
  • And more