Court Research, Retrievals & Filings

At Parasec, we know the ins and outs of courthouses throughout the country. We’re able to file and retrieve documents and make any copies that are necessary to ensure that your legal needs are met. Our coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following courts: municipal, county, district, circuit, bankruptcy, state and federal.

  • Court Research: Based on information you provide our trained research staff will scour files to obtain the information specified and provide research reports and documents for any given case.
  • Court Retrievals: We have the ability to retrieve almost anything nationwide. Your document request will be processed expeditiously and delivered to you.
  • Court Filings: For court filings, we require your completed and ready-to-file original document. We also request a PDF copy of the document beforehand—so that we may review it for any general inconsistencies that may cause rejection. Once we determine that the document is deemed okay to file, we will forward it along to the proper jurisdiction. Should any issues arise, we will contact you as input is needed. Once your document has been recorded, we will ensure it arrives safely in your hands.