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Mission Statement & Core Values


Mission Statement — We are steadfast in providing exceptional, team-oriented customer service to our clients and partners. Our employees are encouraged to develop both work and life skills, which inspire and support hard work and innovation. We honor diversity and reward actions that impact healthy financial performance.

Core Values — At Parasec we strive to form authentic, enduring relationships with our clients—to become trusted extensions of their businesses. It’s not merely one of our goals, it’s at the core of who we are and every decision we make. We understand that the actions we take (as individuals and as a collective) must be accomplished with integrity, empathy, and a continued drive for excellence. Taking care of our customers is at the top of the core values from which we operate our business.

We sat down and explicitly defined what we already intuitively knew to be our core values, and here they are:

  • Customer Care: Here at Parasec, every member of our team goes through a nine-week training course focusing on tenets we believe are at the heart of providing exceptional customer care. Using practical problem-solving skills, industry experience, adaptability, empathy and attentiveness, our team always makes customer service a top priority.
  • Individual Growth: We encourage individual growth and opportunities for development both personally and professionally through training courses, regular one-on-one coaching sessions, motivational games, and health and well-being programs.
  • Productivity & Accountability: Our open-door policy supports active listening and honest communication within our company and with our customers—keeping us accountable and improving operational efficiencies that benefit our customers and our company.
  • Sound Financial Decision Making: Making sound financial decisions is paramount to the success of our company. Our forward-thinking approach to company finances and industry trends allows us to make technological advancements, develop new products, and offer our services at competitive rates.
  • Integrity: As an employee-owned company, we strive to demonstrate our integrity by maintaining our core values and unwavering ethical conduct. We hire people who are not only skilled, but who, like us, value the importance of consistency, honesty, trustworthiness, accountability, and doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

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About Parasec

Looking for an overview of when we started, who we are and how we can assist you? This is a great place to start!

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Our Culture

Exceptional customer service, superior performance, employee education, personal integrity and emotional intelligence—these are just some of the values that make up our company culture.

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Our Offices

In addition to an extensive network of professionals across the nation, Parasec also has offices located in California, Delaware, Nevada and Texas. Find each location’s specific information here.

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