Dissolutions & Withdrawals

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Once a company has served its purpose or is no longer doing business, it is extremely important to legally dissolve the business in the state where it was incorporated, as well as in any states where the company is qualified to do business. Entity dissolution can vary in its process from state to state, with some states requiring a tax clearance certificate before a “Certificate of Dissolution” or “Certificate of Withdrawal” can be filed.

Until a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership or other business entity takes the legal steps necessary to nullify its existence, it continues to be accountable for state compliance and taxation requirements. Once an entity has been legally dissolved or withdrawn at the state level, the company’s exposure to such liabilities as state taxes, fines, penalties and interest is eliminated for future tax years.

Regardless of whether or not you utilized our services to form a business, we can assist you with its dissolution or withdrawal—ensuring it is done in accordance with the laws of the states in question.

We make dissolving a company easy! Our team will:

  • Alert you if your state requires tax clearance prior to filing a dissolution.
  • Provide the appropriate forms for your specific situation and state(s).
  • File your signed documents with the proper state.
  • Email you with a digital copy of the state-approved dissolution documents.
  • Mail you the official dissolution documents, if requested.

If you need to dissolve a company, we can help in all 50 states.

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