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At Parasec, we’ve spent years educating and training our team on the intricacies of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Revised Article 9, a section of the UCC that specifically addresses the legal basis for and the means of handling secured transactions for property other than real property. If you need assistance preparing or filing a UCC or performing a UCC, tax lien or judgement search, look no further! Our experienced team members prepare and file UCCs and perform UCC searches on a daily basis for customers across the United States.

Our UCC specialists pride themselves on being friendly, reliable and precise. On knowing what could cause a UCC filing to be rejected. On always striving to ensure each filing is in compliance with the changes to statutory laws. On knowing what types of searches your particular project might require. Our team knows when something doesn’t look right and will inform you right away. Their ultimate goal is to make sure your UCC filings and searches are accurate and timely.

Additionally, our nationwide network of trusted UCC professionals provides on-the-ground assistance and has extensive knowledge of jurisdictional nuances—maximizing accuracy, minimizing rejections and, ultimately, saving you time and money.

UCC Filing Services

Our UCC filing solutions are designed to be customized to your specific transactional needs. We can handle your UCC filing from start to finish or simply tackle the parts you don’t have time for. Whatever your filing needs, our team is here to make your job easier!

  • UCC eZFILE®: With electronic UCC filing available in more than 40 jurisdictions, this secure online system is easy, saves time, reduces costs, and helps keep you informed. Prepare forms, send drafts for approval, save filings for later and submit documents right from your desktop. Learn more.
  • Type, File & Track: Let us manage the entire UCC filing process for you! Our team will prepare your UCC filing and then email the completed document to you for your review and approval. Once approved, our team will file the document in the indicated jurisdiction. We then track the UCC filing expiration date, notifying you six months prior—meaning you never need to worry about UCC expiration dates.
  • Type & File: Our team will prepare your UCC filing and then email the completed document to you for your review and approval. Once approved, the document is filed in the indicated jurisdiction.
  • File & Track: Parasec will file your completed UCC, tracking the expiration date and notifying you six months in advance of its expiration.
  • Type Only: Our team of experts can prepare your UCC and then email the completed document to you for filing.
  • File Only: You prepare your UCC financing statements, amendments, continuations, terminations, etc. Then simply forward them on to us with instructions on where you need them filed—our trained staff will take care of the rest.
  • Track Only: Need to submit original documents, but worried about keeping an eye on expiration dates? Just ask for UCC tracking. We can track any UCC filing for expiration dates and notify you when it is time to prepare the continuation statements.

UCC Search Services

Our team understands the importance of comprehensive and accurate search results when it comes to protecting your security interests and making informed lending decisions. Missed or incorrect searches can prove detrimental to your project. When doing your due diligence is of upmost importance, turn to our experts for all your UCC, tax lien and judgement search needs.

  • UCC Searches: Did you know that something as insignificant as spacing or punctuation can affect search results and skew lending decisions? You could either learn the search logic used in all 50 states (they vary) or let the Parasec team work for you. Parasec offers county and state-level UCC searches in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia.
  • Third Party UCC Searches: These searches generally provide a broader search than those performed by state offices. Utilization of both a state search and a third-party search gives you the best chance to ensure that all possible existing liens are located and identified.
  • Tax Lien and Judgment Searches: Parasec offers state, county and federal level tax lien and judgment searches.
  • Search-to-Reflect (Post Search): You filed your document, but did you ensure the state indexed it correctly? Don’t stop your due diligence process early, verify that your filing made it onto the index correctly. It is an inexpensive way to avoid costly litigation in the future. In addition, a search-to-reflect “closes the gap” confirming no competing liens were created during your lending cycle.

To learn more about any of our UCC services, talk to one of our UCC specialists by calling 800.533.7272 or emailing them at uccorders@parasec.com. Our team is here to help!

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