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Paracorp has created this depository of information for clients seeking more information regarding legal requirements for Paracorp Acting as Registered Agent. This page will be updated as requirements affecting clients that use Paracorp as their registered agent continue to change. This page contains the following types of information and documents:

  • Paracorp authored documents intended as a summary of changes.
  • Paracorp policy when a state allows the registered agent a choice in law.
  • Third party documents and links which can be highly technical in nature and may require an advance understanding of the topic discussed.

Help may also be obtained by contacting your account executive at 888.272.3725. Please remember that Paracorp cannot provide legal advice and those questions should be directed to licensed attorney.

Paracorp sympathizes with any additional burden these changes may create; however, they are legal requirements and Paracorp has no choice since but to comply with these legal changes. Concerns regarding the collection of additional information should be directed to the secretary of state or attorney general in the state requesting the additional information.


RA Requirements in NV

All Nevada entities are required to provide the registered agent with the name and physical address of a natural person to be designated as the ‘Custodian of Records.’ The custodian of records is a person at the entity who can produce the documents required by law. This information must be updated with Paracorp (registered agent) whenever it is amended. Documents required may vary by entity type; however, generally the law requires the custodian to produce the following documents when requested:

  • Certified copies of the articles of incorporation/articles of organization with all amendments
  • Certified copy of the bylaws/operating agreement
  • The stock register or duplicate stock register (corporations)
  • A list of all members and address in alphabetical order (LLC)

A copy of enacted legislation is provided below in a PDF file. When the Nevada Revised Statutes code sections have been updated online, we will update this section for your convenience.



Paracorp policy in regards to Wyoming corporations §17-28-107(b) [a PDF file can be found below]

Wyoming Registered Agent Requirements for all Entities Except LP and GPs:

Title: Duties of the registered agent; duties of the entity §17-28-107 (v) (a) et seq.

(v) Maintain at the registered office, the following information for each domestic entity represented which shall be current within sixty (60) days of any change until the entity’s first annual report is accepted for filing with the secretary of state and thereafter when the annual report is due for filing and shall be maintained in a format that can be reasonably produced on demand:

(A) Names and addresses of each entity’s directors, officers, limited liability company managers, managing partners, trustees or persons serving in a similar capacity;

(B) The name, address and business telephone number of a natural person who is an officer, director, employee or designated agent of each entity represented who is authorized to receive communications from the registered agent;

(C) A copy of the written contract or agreement creating an agency relationship between the registered agent and a natural person with respect to accepting service of process on behalf of each business entity represented by the registered agent.

A search of Wyoming statutes can conducted on the Wyoming legislatures website.


Please note: Paracorp is a legal-services company and cannot provide legal advice. The documents and links provided here are for informational purposes only. Specific questions should be directed to a licensed attorney in the state for which you may require legal advice.