Nevada Foreign Corporation Publication Requirements

Every foreign corporation in the state of Nevada is required to publish a statement of its last year’s business in a Nevada newspaper pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 80.190. The statute applies to both profit and nonprofit foreign corporations. The law requires that the statement appear in two (2) issues of a daily newspaper prior to the end of March or the third month following the close of the fiscal year (for those not operating on a calendar year basis). While you may receive a solicitation from a specific Nevada newspaper to publish your statement in their publication, you are not required to use a specific company fulfill your annual requirement. In fact, it does not matter what newspaper you use, provided it is published in Nevada and has a total weekly circulation of at least 1,000. 

Once you completed the above annual publication requirements, you have fulfilled your responsibility for the current year. The Secretary of State does not require that any proof be filed. That said, you should keep proof of publication just in case you are asked to provide it at a later date.

Failure to comply with NRS 80.190 is subject to a $100 per month fine. Furthermore, a foreign corporation that fails to comply is not authorized to transact business in Nevada. It’s important to note the the statute does not provide for any extensions.

If you need assistance in complying with this Nevada law, Parasec can handle publication of the statement for you and will include an affidavit of publication (sent following final publication). If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact our Nevada office via email at . You can also reach us via our “Contact Us” form here

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