Nevada: Secretary of State Begins Processing Backlog of Business Filings

We wanted to update our clients on the status of the Nevada Secretary of State system upgrade. The state appears to be mostly operational at this point, and has begun processing filings in the order in which they were received (with expedite filings being processed first). Please note that there will be delays as they process the backlog of filings that resulted from the temporary halt of services. They are predicting that it could take up to three weeks or longer for routine filings to be processed, while expedited filings are expected to be completed more quickly.

Additionally, the Nevada Secretary of State also released a host of new forms for business filings. In the past, many state offices offer a three-month grace period during which old forms are still accepted; however, there has been no official announcement from the Nevada Secretary of State designating how long that window will be.

Please feel free to contact our Nevada office with any questions you may have. They can be reached by email at