Proper Handling of Certified Documents

Proper Handling of Certified DocumentsEnsuring proper handling of certified documents is very important. Tampering or modifying state certified documents can be a costly and time-consuming mistake to make. If tampered with or modified, the documents will be considered invalid. Once a document has been state-certified, it becomes “official” and it is crucial that it be kept intact. If you remove the staples to make copying the certified documents easier it is considered tampering. That holds true even if you intend to staple them right back together without altering or adding any pages.

If you need to make a copy of a certified document, do so by copying one page at a time. You can do this by folding or flipping the pages, without removing the staple. When a certified document has been tampered with, the only remedy is to start the entire notarization, county and/or state certification process all over again. Save yourself the time and money by avoiding this simple mistake.

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