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Hello, and welcome to the Parasec blog.

At Parasec, our objective has always been to deliver unparalleled customer service and high-quality work to our clients. Since 1977, our clients have come to rely upon our expertise, speed and extensive industry knowledge. The Parasec blog contains posts on various aspects of the public records research industry as well as other news that may be of interest to our clients. We hope you find it helpful. Thanks for reading.

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The Shoebox Project: Parasec Gives Back

This holiday season, Parasec participated in The Shoebox Project for Women. The nonprofit organization was founded in 2011, in Toronto, Canada by four sisters-in-law. The charity collects and distributes gift-filled shoeboxes to women who are impacted by homeless. The first…

Operation Backpack: Parasec Gives Back

Parasec is proud to be participating in Volunteers of America’s Operation Backpack for the third year. This very important program helps children in need succeed in school by providing them with backpacks and grade-specific supplies. Each year, Operation Backpack helps…